Other Publishing

Bryony occasionally takes on freelance roles within the publishing industry which are not strictly writing/editorial. Examples include:

  • Freelance Rights Administrator - Routledge Philosophy

Responsible for sourcing copyright permissions for 60 substantial entries in the anthology Arguing About Science (Routledge Philosophy May 2012). The role comprised database creation and management, online research including RightsLink, email correspondence, answering queries, negotiating fees and collection of licences and invoices.

  • Freelance Dictionary Editor - Lexxica Corporation KK, Japan

Provided editorial content and support for the WordEngine interactive online language testing and learning system, sponsored by Meiji University for Japanese students of English.

Edited large databases of English dictionary definitions written by multiple Japanese contributors, correcting language errors and inconsistencies, and creating entries where necessary. When approved, the databases were then uploaded to an online lexical word engine, designed to test and impart long-term retention of the essential meanings of high-frequency English vocabulary.

  • Indexer and Contributor - RRP Magazine

Provided the Listings Section of upcoming releases for a monthly DVD and Blu–ray UK trade publication. This involved compiling promotional material and technical data into a specified alphabetical format, then editing accompanying individual product descriptions. Indexes often extended to over 100 pages per issue with one film entry taking a maximum of five lines. Also provided children’s, sport and film DVD reviews.

  • Research and Interviewing

Due to her background in biography, Bryony is an enthusiastic, thorough and experienced researcher for literary and online projects.

  • TV and radio appearances for documentaries, promotion and advertisements

Bryony has guested on various radio and TV shows in promotion of her books, including BBC Radio 1 and many of the local BBC stations, Channel 4, E4, S4C and the Biography Channel.

She has also been known to appear in adverts for certain innovative culinary products...