Invasion of Privacy
Ian Sutherland

A serial killer observes his victims from afar, studying their behaviour so that they can be unwittingly lured to their death. Elite computer hacker, Brody Taylor, attacks an illegal voyeuristic website, stumbling across a killer’s online hunting ground. London police detective, DI Jenny Price, investigates a brutal murder, struggling to determine how the killer knew so much about the beautiful young cellist. As hacker and detective embark on an uncomfortable collaboration, the killer lures his next unsuspecting victim...

Ian Sutherland: "Bryony has been brilliant to work with. She made my debut novel, Invasion of Privacy, a much better book than the version I gave her. She was completely professional in her approach, not only editing the manuscript, but keeping a separate document to check for consistency and continuity errors (I had plenty!). I’ve accepted 99% of her suggested changes. Where she didn’t make changes but had a thought or question, she left me a comment for me to mull over and deal with myself. Throughout the project, Bryony remained very personable while always being consummately professional – a great combination. I have no hesitation in recommending Bryony and I will be using her for my sequels. And for the record, we are not related – the shared surname is just a coincidence!"