42 Days
AJ Roberts

Do you remember what the weather was like over the Golden Jubilee weekend of 2002? Do you remember what went to Number 1 in the charts on the Sunday afternoon? Do you remember the score between England and Sweden in their World Cup football match? Do you know what weighs only one pound and eight ounces? Rob does, he remembers all of them very well. 1. Lovely and sunny. 2. Eminem with 'Without Me'. 3. 1-1 (Campbell '24: Alexanderson '59). 4. A baby boy born at 27 weeks. 42 Days is the often funny, sometimes touching, undeniably heartbreaking and ultimately redemptive story of a recovering cynic as he narrates the story of his son's life—from birth through to adulthood—in just 42 days.

AJ Roberts: "Bryony's professionalism, quality of work, communication, honesty and on a personal level, thorough likeability made the whole editing process a genuine pleasure. From her very first communication I knew that I had found the perfect fit. So even when she was honest enough to say from day one that she wouldn't be able to start for over a month, I still knew that I had the right person and that she was worth waiting for. As for the final deliverable—faultless. Totally, completely and utterly faultless. It is such a tired old service industry gobbledygook cliche that someone "delivered above expectations" but Bryony really did. Would I use her again? What do you think? I don't even think I'd consider anyone else now. Hooray for Bryony."