Abiding Hope
Jennifer H. Westall

After three years of bloodshed in the jungles of the Philippines, guerrilla leader, Matthew Doyle, finds himself on the brink of freedom. The Americans are coming, bringing with them the promise of an end to the terror inflicted by the Japanese army on his mind, body, and soul. For those same three years, Ruby, now known as Grace Doyle, has continued to live in the hope that her husband will one day return to her. She prays for the day they can live together as a family, even as she accepts God’s call that she must face the murder conviction still hanging over her head. Reunited on American soil, Matthew and Ruby face the ultimate test of their faith in God and in each other. Can they overcome the horror that so cruelly separated them and find peace? Or will their past finally catch up with them? Abiding Hope is the fourth and final installment of the beloved Healing Ruby series by Jennifer H. Westall.

Jennifer H. Westall: "I also have to thank my editor, Bryony Sutherland. I always hesitate to expound on her enormous contribution to my career, because with each successive book she is harder and harder to schedule. I'm afraid if word gets out how amazing she is, I will have to plan books for years in advance. And Bryony knows how that whole planning thing goes for me. She is wise, patient, steady in the face of my whirlwind writing schedule, and she always has a word of encouragement when I need it the most. I can say without a doubt that this series would have never been possible without her. Thank you, Bryony. I cannot say it enough."