Annie Lennox: The Biography
Bryony Sutherland & Lucy Ellis


  • Published:Omnibus Press, Hardback May 2001, Paperback May 2002 | Music Sales, eBook October 2010
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An in-depth study of Lennox’s considerable career, exploring her progression from her early days studying at the Royal Academy of Music, through to Eurythmics and her undeniably successful solo career. The authors tackle previously unaccounted areas of Lennox’s enigmatic life alongside detailed musical analysis and forty interviews with friends, industry colleagues and ex-lovers.

As life-long fans of Annie Lennox the authors believed that an up-to-date biography of this most enigmatic figure was long overdue, and well-deserved. From the outset they realised that this would be a unique challenge, not least because she is very private and fiercely guards her personal life. Yet, presenting the perfect dichotomy, Lennox freely concedes, “Everything I write is about myself.” So it is through chronological, track-by-track musical analysis that Sutherland and Ellis can delve deep into the psyche of the woman behind the masks.

Serialised in the Daily Mail, February 2001.

“Despite their subject’s almost obsessive privacy, the authors, who are both fans, present a detailed life story of the working-class girl from Aberdeen who became a pop legend. Ex-lovers, musicians, photographers, stylists, record company executives and producers help to present the full story from childhood to Eurythmics.” Sunday Express 23 February 2003 – Top 5 Books On Music Makers