Assiyah Rising
T. H. Ansz

Assiyah (ah-see-YAH): Noun. The physical world we currently live in. A world of action. The fourth and lowest realm of existence. A place where the Creator hides from its creation.

A young Army intelligence officer, an NSA agent, a physicist, a DARPA biologist, and an unassuming man from the Midwest are swept into a powerful current of events cloaked in secrecy and driven from the very top of political power. They soon discover an intelligence that has descended upon the Earth, forcing humanity to reconsider their position in the world and in the cosmos itself.

T. H. Ansz"Bryony is a fantastic editor. As a first-time author, I wasn't sure what to expect during the editorial process. All I can say is that Bryony exceeded my expectations and that my book is much better off because of her valuable insight and feedback. Her communications were always prompt and friendly. The feedback was thorough and well documented, with many of her suggestions backed up by either in-depth analysis or external websites explaining her assessments. As a new writer, those notes helped me gain a better understanding of what constitutes good writing, storytelling, etc. Once all was said and done, the final product was still very much my story, just told in a much better way. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an editor."