Because of You
Hélene Fermont

Because of You spans 36 years in the life of Hannah Stein, a Swedish teenager who arrives in London at the tail end of the disco era for a gap year before embarking on a teaching career. The people she meets alter the course of her life irrevocably and the novel charts her changing personal and professional fortunes over the next three decades. This  dark, morally complex and cross-generational story will appeal to readers who appreciate an emotive, uncompromising and fulfilling read driven by character and circumstance.

Hélene Fermont: "Bryony is an extraordinary, outstanding editor. At the time of our introduction and subsequent collaboration, Bryony immediately understood and empathised with what I wished to achieve with the novel. My debut novel is what it is today because of Bryony's exceptional input, in particular with areas that were of concern to me. It goes without saying that I wouldn't contemplate anyone else, even if it means I'll have to queue up for the opportunity to engage with her! Bryony is truly one of a kind. Apart from everything else, Bryony is a wonderful human being whom I view as a friend, confidante, and mentor. I very much look forward to our next collaboration."