The Bewilderment
D C Farmer

Bobby Miracle would love a real job but times are hard, especially if you’re into Goth attire, prefer graveyards to meadows, and refuse to compromise for anyone. An internship at Hipposync Enterprises dealing in rare books seems a dream come true. And given the sort of people who work there, for once Bobby doesn’t feel the slightest bit out of place. But when the whole building freezes in a trans-dimensional lockdown state, the weirdness needle edges towards red. And when she meets Asher Lodge, an inspector with a Fae intelligence agency sent to investigate, the needle goes off the scale. With masochistic zealots, demons, and her dead and quite possibly mad grandmother on the guest list, Bobby quickly realises it’s not exactly the nine-to-five she’d bargained for. Join DC Farmer for another plunge into the murky depths of the Hipposync Archives.

D C Farmer: "Bryony is that rare entity—someone who knows, and loves, what she does. And what she does is make your writing a lot better than it could possibly be without her help. In an era when everyone keeps being told that it was never a better time to be an author, you need someone who can spot your errors and point out your literary foibles and expose your plot holes candidly and professionally. Oh, and let’s not forget constructively and pleasantly. A no quibble 10 out of 10. I will be back."