Breaking Matthew
Jennifer H. Westall

Over four years have passed, and still Matthew Doyle can’t shake the guilt of turning his back on Ruby, the girl who saved his life. But Ruby continues to haunt his dreams, and the only way to move on is to seek her out and make things right. Tracking Ruby down leads Matthew back to the Calhoun farm, a place full of memories best left buried. But what he finds there will change his life forever. A man is dead. And Ruby Graves stands accused of his murder. In his quest to prove Ruby’s innocence and atone for his past, Matthew must stand against the most powerful influences in the county, including his own father. But doing so may cost him everything, even his faith in God. Can Matthew rebuild Ruby’s broken trust in him and save her life in return? Or will the trials he faces leave him broken instead? Breaking Matthew is the sequel to Healing Ruby, a novel set in Depression-era Alabama that explores faith healing, family loyalty, and racial segregation.

Jennifer H. Westall: "After working with Bryony for several projects, she has become so much more than an editor. She knows my heart so well, and sometimes knows what I want to write better than I know it myself. She’s encouraged me at every step, answering all my questions, handling my self-doubt with grace and kindness. Her suggestions are always spot on, and she is extremely professional. I only wish I didn’t have to share her with other writers!"