Convergent Paradox
Stewart Sanders

In the fifth aeon of the Earth, upon the final epoch of humanity, I live my four lives, converging ever closer, but still ignorant of my mission … Return to the story of my four lives lived in parallel; four lives spread across time and space. Lives that unravel between a covert sentient project hidden deep within a planet’s core, to a time of intrigue between agents of the Secret Service Bureau, investigating the vagrancy of Her Majesty’s first airship. But is this reality or an anaesthetised simulation, designed to lead a young girl to an impending ritual? And to what end?

Stewart Sanders: "I’m a fiction author, so I know anyone reading this would expect me to exaggerate. However I am not exaggerating one iota when I say I searched for a professional editor for six months, yet instantly knew Bryony was the right one once we’d made contact. She is impeccably professional and brings to her edits a blinding brightness of enthusiasm that will come across until the final page of your work. Don’t misunderstand, she won’t hesitate to provide effective feedback, but it is always diligently researched, concisely communicated and adds real value. I’ve worked with her on both my books and look forward to continuing to work with her throughout the series."