Creative Keynote
Hedley Derenzie

Creative Keynote: 7 Steps to Public Speaking Artistry for Creative Professionals is a revolutionary public speaking program that is designed to change the way you think, feel and experience the act of speaking in public. It's written especially for creative professionals such as authors, artists and designers who wish to become more confident, influential and inspirational public speakers so they can speak and share more of their art with the world. As a public speaking coach with over fifteen years experience, Hedley Derenzie has developed a philosophy and practical methodology to public speaking that shifts the experience from one of fear to one of creative inspiration and expression. This book is written for those creative people who wish to bring their artistic talents and abilities into their next presentation.

Hedley Derenzie: "Bryony loves what she does and genuinely cares about the books she works on. She's an exceptional editor (and writer) and it's just as important to her as her clients for the final product to be the best it can be. She is professional, honest and pays incredible attention to detail. But as well as being great at what she does, she is someone who gives of herself and cares deeply about the people she works with. If you are lucky enough to have Bryony as your editor then I can honestly say you are in the very best hands."