Death by Misadventure
Raina McLeod

The first in a series of four novellas chronicling ebbs and flows in the life of Bobbi Dahl, a dissection of the South Beach party girl’s inner world—decadence, greed, manipulation, self-medication, and superficial love. When she wakes up in the ER, alone, after a wild night she can’t remember, Bobbi is left to face facts—she’s the villain in her own fairytale. Wilting in the shadow of maturity, pickled in poison, and naive to the intentions of ruthlessly self-serving men. Trust fund heirs, music industry execs, flesh peddlers, and a man more slippery than a fresh-caught marlin. All seducing her with promises, and pelting her with lies. Bobbi Dahl’s world is fragmented. It falls in pieces around her. Sometimes she tries to sweep them up. Sometimes she even tries to put them back together. Yet other times, other times when the alcohol floods her veins and the smoke clouds her mind, she stumbles through those pieces, cuts herself on the edges, and leaves bloody footprints as she dances. Would she like to be whole? Yes. Is she capable of putting herself back together. Yes. But is she willing? That’s another story altogether.

Raina McLeod: "Gold stars across the board. I am SO happy with my Bryony-fied manuscript. She gave me notes, advice, encouragement, and all the reasons why what she said was legit. Her editing work, for content and grammar: excellent. She’s such a pleasure to work with. I was already excited to work with Bryony after reading the reviews left by my fellow writers, and she totally lived up to the hype. She took the time to understand my style and my voice, and kept the work authentic. A-1 editor and an A-1 person. Can’t wait to work with her again."