Dream State
Charles R. Hinckley

August Chase is an ordinary man plagued by extraordinary precognitive dreams. When he foresees the brutal murder of a young woman, he tracks her down to warn her. His warnings go unheeded, and the dreamed murder becomes a reality. The victim’s sister, frustrated by slow police work, enlists August’s help, and he is launched into his first case as a private investigator. Delving deep into the victim’s life, he soon discovers a common thread in the shadowy world that may have claimed her. This is Book One of the August Chase Mystery Series.

Charles R. Hinckley: "Bryony Sutherland is a true professional. She understands plot, character, timing and pace, grammar, punctuation and form. She is meticulous with details, and catches things you wouldn’t even have thought about. Her feedback and remarks are right on the mark. Always responsive, enthusiastic and understanding, she is a delight to work with. A writer's dream. I highly recommend her for any writing project. "