Drew Barrymore: The Biography
Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland


In this book, accomplished biographers Lucy Ellis and Bryony Sutherland turn their attention to the much-loved child star and heir to the impressive Barrymore acting dynasty. At just eleven months she made her first commercial, and at six, she starred in E.T., capturing viewers’ hearts in a way that no other child actress had since Shirley Temple. Before reaching puberty, Drew was both a movie star and an international icon. But her burgeoning career was soon eclipsed by her offscreen antics as Drew had inherited her family’s tragic legacy of substance abuse. By 1988, Drew was in rehab; she finally emerged clean a year later, after a relapse and failed suicide attempt. Drew Barrymore might well have lived out the rest of her years as another washed-up child star. But after a two-year absence, she reinvented herself returned to the big screen in a series of box office favourites including Poison Ivy, Batman Forever, The Wedding Singer, Donnie Darko and Charlie’s Angels. This intriguing biography tells the whole story of her short but colourful life.

“Perky Drew Barrymore is currently on a career high with her roles in the Charlie’s Angels movies and Donnie Darko. This biography covers all the good times, but also details the years of drug abuse and failed suicide attempts. No unauthorised biography is ever going to come up with any big surprises (certainly no more than Drew’s autobiography Little Girl Lost), but this is a solid effort with two sections of mono and colour photos.” TotalDVD.Net, January 2004

Best Book feature: “The Drink, the drugs, the husbands, Drew’s certainly packed a lot into her 28 years, and it’s all here in this biography.” M Celebs, The Sunday Mirror, October 2003

Featured in “4 Of The Best Books” for January 2004 by Lucky Break

Drew Barrymore: The Biography Excerpt
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