Exhilarated Life: Discovering Inner Happiness
Marilyn Harding

What’s in this book for you? Simply, a whole new perspective on life. Your life. Using personal anecdotes, Marilyn Harding unpacks the wisdom teachings both modern and ancient and takes them out of theory and into practical application. You experience the sometimes comedic, sometimes tragic struggle toward practical enlightenment, which in the words of the author is nothing more than lightening up. You are there when the light of truth dawns. Toss out the old scripts that keep you a prisoner of the past, fearful of the future and blind to the joys of today. Live in the moment and discover your inner happiness. It’s easier than you think. Exhilarated Life will show you how.

Marilyn Harding: "The challenge for any creative is to hone their work to a respectful and marketable finish. And it takes courage to entrust another with that task. Bryony, from the beginning, opened the doors wide to easy communication. Her skill and level of attention to detail in editing my manuscript was impeccable. Not only did she sort out punctuation and grammar, but checked quotes and references and gave reasoning for suggested corrections. She was encouraging when I was hesitant and was a wonderful sounding board for what should and shouldn’t be included from the perspective of flow as well as marketability. I trusted her completely and welcomed her suggestions. Throughout, I was comfortable that no question I had was too small to ask. I found the whole experience enriching and know that I go forward as a better and more confident writer (certainly I will be more careful of affect and effect). I have already hired Bryony for another book, tucked away—I guess waiting for the right person to bring it to light. Bryony is that right person."