For Those Who Worship The Sun
James Michael Rice

When Ben Sawyer and his friends decide to take an adventure tour in the Amazon Jungle, they are entranced by the tropical beauty of the forest and its creatures. But when their riverboat captain is killed and their boat disappears, leaving them stranded, their dream vacation quickly becomes a real life nightmare. Now they must brave the dangers of the wild as they make their way back to civilization. And they are not alone.

James Michael Rice: "Bryony is an absolute dream to work with. From the very start, she showed a great deal of enthusiasm for editing my novel. She provided swift feedback throughout the process, and kept excellent notes on characterization, plot points, and inconsistencies. In addition, she researched various details for accuracy, and helped to tie up a few loose ends in the story. Even after the project was finished, Bryony continued to guide me through the post-edit revisions, and was always on hand to answer questions and offer additional feedback on a several adjustments I made to the story after the fact. Perhaps most importantly, her insight, enthusiasm, and feedback rekindled my excitement for my soon-to-be released novel. She impressed me so much that I’ve already hired her for another project. Do yourself a favor and hire her!"