Forever Human
Tom Conyers

Spanning some 3,000 years and narrated by multiple voices, Forever Human follows a triangle of characters whose worlds are inextricably linked: Cassius, who remembers his past lives; Henri, who forgets; and Memphis, who may just have a greater awareness of the overarching plan of history than either of them. As Cassius toils on a formula for saving humanity from itself, the sinister Memphis shadows him and Henri through the ages on a significantly darker quest of his own. From modern-day Melbourne to first-century Pompeii, 15th-century Brittany, Edwardian London and beyond, this compelling tale of an artist, a mathematician and an enigma takes the reader on a delicious journey straddling science fiction and literary mainstream, with a touch of Greek tragedy thrown in for good measure.

Finalist: Literary Fiction Book Review Award 2015

Tom Conyers: "Bryony was friendly and professional, quick yet thorough, and a delight all round to work with. Not only was she expert at picking up all the various typos, spelling mistakes, errors in syntax and usual grammatical problems, but she was also able to edit with an eye on the bigger picture. Her excellent suggestions for how to tighten and enhance the underlying themes and structure of my novel showed she'd done a very close and thoughtful reading indeed, and the end result is that I have a book topped off with that final layer of professionalism and care all authors seek."