Freeing the Unloved Girl
Marisa Russo

Abused as a child, Marisa Russo feared commitment and fell into a lifestyle of poor choices and negativity. Finally able to reclaim her true identity in her forties, she made it her life’s work to help others in the same predicament. Having founded Forensic Healing, Marisa’s investigative style first attracted praise in her book, Women Breaking Free. In this new offering, Freeing The Unloved Girl, Marisa helps readers discover and heal past hurts using a combination of examples and exercises, alongside words of encouragement and validation.

Marisa Russo: "I cannot be happier. Bryony delivered beyond any editor I have dealt with before. She is not only a true professional with an amazing gift of editing and creating flow in any writing piece, she is amazingly personable. I will be forever grateful she gave my book the edits, flow, style and thorough feedback to bring it to the standard my message deserved. I will never look further for another editor! Thank you so much, Bryony."