Pamela Jane Rogers

I am an artist, although it took me many years to find the creative life I desired. After a twelve-year marriage trying in vain to have a child, my depressed state of mind was beginning to take its toll. Only my paintings over the next years implored me to look inside and free up my emotional stalemate. What I found was not always pleasant, yet my persistence led to a brilliant painting mentor and then, by a twist of fate, to Greece. "What can I paint here?" I asked myself. I soon found the answer, and a bizarre epiphany in an olive grove gave me the knowledge I needed to change my life. But to leave everything, move to another country and face possible failure? It's probably tempting the Fates for a middle-aged woman on her own with minimal resources to believe she can still realize her dreams - yet it's certainly worth a try!

Pamela Jane Rogers: "Bryony Sutherland is the perfect editor! Bryony became a friend and a mentor as well as an editor making factual corrections. She showed extraordinary patience throughout the entire process, especially when my computer kept crashing and I was in danger of losing the manuscript. She understood intuitively my reasons for writing this memoir and so was able to help in many ways I never expected from a professional editor. One of the happiest days in my recent memory was when I chose her for this project. My collaboration with her was a joy from start to finish."