D C Farmer

When a series of vampire deaths in the Fae world is linked to dark wonderworking in the human world, it’s clear that a serial killer of the very worst kind is on the loose. With only a group of rehabilitated bloodsucking zealots and a uniquely fragrant bookshop as clues to the mystery, DOF agents Matt Danmor and Kylah Porter need all the help they can get to root out an evil bent on having a foot (or is that a fang?) in both camps. Murder, garlic, and a generous helping of gore make up the ingredients of Grume: the latest bloodstained file from the Hipposync Archives.

D C Farmer: "Bryony is that rare entity – someone who knows, and loves, what she does. And what she does is make your writing a lot better than it could possibly be without her help. In an era when everyone keeps being told that it was never a better time to be an author, you need someone who can spot your errors and point out your literary foibles and expose your plot holes candidly and professionally. Oh, and let’s not forget constructively and pleasantly. A no quibble 10 out of 10. I will be back."