The Healer’s Curse
J. P. Doyle

Alex Trent was as shocked as everyone else when he discovered he could heal with the touch of his hand. He thought he was on the fast track to fame and fortune, just for the simple act of touching others. He is about to find out how wrong he is. Alex will be forced into a bizarre game of medical Russian roulette that will threaten not only his life, but those around him. And that's just the beginning of his problems. As Alex is pursued by powerful people who want to use him for their own ends, he must stay one step ahead. Alex must find out how to rid himself of The Healer's Curse before it crosses a line—a line where not even his own healing ability can save him.

J. P. Doyle: "Bryony Sutherland is a godsend for writers. Think of her as a personal trainer for writing - except she won't make you sweat, and she's a sweetheart to work with! She helped me to take my seedling of an idea and grow it into an amazing 90K-word thriller novel. Her insightful suggestions are matched only by her steadfast "you-can-do-it" attitude. She has every attribute that authors seek in a dream editor: she is smart, patient, savvy, fun, and thorough. I would highly encourage authors, from first-timers to veterans, to choose Bryony Sutherland as their content/copy editor."