We Never Said Goodbye
Hélene Fermont

When Louise is dumped by Mike on their twentieth wedding anniversary, she faces the daunting task of picking up the pieces of her life. She can either choose to persevere in her adopted hometown of London, bolstered by dear friends and the fashion business she loves, or return to her native Sweden alone. Can she find happiness with an old flame in a city she avoided for two decades? Or will her ex’s violent, criminal past haunt her forever?

Hélene Fermont: "Bryony is an exceptional editor whom I've been fortunate to work with on my debut and second novels. Without her expertise and attention to detail, my novels wouldn't be as accomplished. Bryony belongs to a very exclusive group of professionals uniquely gifted to bring out the very best in authors. The author journey is hard in a very challenging industry. Without Bryony's insight into details and kind encouragement and support I'd not have developed and persevered as much and certainly not have found the strength to go that extra mile to ensure my novels are the best they can be. Bryony, you are one in a million and I can't wait for our next collaboration on my third novel, His Guilty Secret."