Nicole Kidman
Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland

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An A-list celebrity, Nicole Kidman’s every move makes headlines worldwide. In this, the first biography to be published, the authors trace her steady rise from prolific child star through Hollywood mediocrity to her current status as a critically acclaimed and hugely popular actress.

“As the first major biography of Kidman, this is very professional. Touching all the expected bases, it includes chapters on her Australian childhood, her early films (BMX Bandits anyone?), her marriage to Tom Cruise, and her recent cinematic outings. While exploring the media circus that surrounded Kidman’s split from Cruise it sets to rest the rumours about their private life. The prose gushes at times, yet one can’t deny the authors’ enthusiasm for their subject. Otherwise, the raft of sourced quotations from Kidman’s friends, family and colleagues – as well as Kidman herself – helps paint a welcome portrait of this huge star.” Film Review, November 2002

“Aussie actress Nicole Kidman has come a long way since the frizz-haired tomboy in BMX Bandits. Writing partners Ellis and Sutherland take an in-depth look at her life and trace her progression from shy teenager with a passion for drama to confident screen goddess. They have all bases covered: her revived movie career, separation from husband of 10 years Tom Cruise, her love for her two adopted children and her special bond with her family. A treat for the truly celebrity-obsessed.” OK! August 2002

“Since Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise last year, her career has gone from strength to strength after a string of hits including Moulin Rouge! and The Others. This fascinating biography charts her new success as well as her childhood in Australia, her early career and relationship with Tom Cruise.” Lucky Break, August 2002

“This co-written biog comes to us from a pair of ladies who make a habit of teaming up to do books. Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue and Annie Lennox have already been targets. Their style of writing is conservative and always entirely serviceable. Which means that this book is earnest and detailed without being hugely surprising. It joins the dots on an interesting actress who keeps reinventing herself…This avidly researched book will tell you everything you need to know about the leggy antipodean who likes to push the envelope in any genre you care to mention.” Modern Woman, September 2002

“Since her split from Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman’s already widespread acclaim and praise soared. The Oscar she received for her role in The Hours secured her status as one of Hollywood’s most powerful actresses. Read more about the woman famed for having an entrancing hold over any man crossing her path in this revealing book, which also features fascinating photographs.” OK! May 2003 (updated paperback release)

Nicole Kidman: The Biography Excerpt
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