Now & Now
Rob Ginnivan

Being controlled by thoughts of the past and worries about the future is not the means to attaining joy, happiness, and peace. No matter how clouded we are by the busyness of the mind, the everyday stresses of life, and the sometimes seemingly “no way out,” it is possible to rise above the canvas of pervasive thoughts and access our true selves—the soul. In Now & Now, author Rob Ginnivan presents his diary of living in the now, moment by moment, day by day, whether it is eating, working, driving, playing, giving, loving, laughing, and more. He captures the true essence of being attentive to what is happening as life unfolds. Applying the teachings of the world’s current spiritual leaders, Ginnivan shows practical and simple ways to experience existence with a deeper sense of purpose, calm, and happiness with the power of being present. Written with transparency and revealing authenticity, Now & Now teaches you to open your door to enlightenment and further self-discovery, to move from mindlessness to mindfulness and higher states of consciousness. Change habits, feel better, live longer, and be in the now.

Rob Ginnivan: “It was an eye opener/extremely valuable lesson/enlightening experience to read your incredible ‘eagle eye’ input to Now & Now. I am actually speechless...To me you are a genius editor with soul! THANK YOU for doing such a brilliant job on my first book. You really tapped into the essence of it.”