One Shot
Tom Conyers

Rex has always fostered a bleak view of humans. He suspects the world would be better off without our species. So when a virus, designed to make pests develop an insatiable appetite for their own kind, affects humans instead, it is as though Rex's wish has come horribly true. With his dog, Soldier, he wanders a devastated landscape armed with a gun and only one bullet. His situation deteriorating, he seeks solace in recalling life before, with his girlfriend. But as these flashbacks become increasingly real, and fuse with the murderous present, are they more than memories? Should he turn the gun on himself or has he, his relationship, and humanity got one more shot?

Tom Conyers: "The edit, taglines and blurb for my novel 'One Shot' constitutes the third time in a row I've sought Bryony's editorial services, so that alone should say something about how highly I value her expertise and professionalism. Again, she did a fabulous job of picking up the spelling mistakes, syntactical errors, ironing out inconsistencies and so on. What's more, she also provided something of a manuscript assessment, pointing out several places where my book could be re-worked. She edits with an eye on the detail, but also with a sensitive understanding of the overarching story and underlying themes. What's more, she did a great job with the taglines and knocking the blurb into shape. Finally (as a bonus!) she is very pleasant to work with and delivers on schedule."