Andrew Lowe

What if the holiday of your dreams turned into your worst nightmare? Joel Pearce is an average suburban family man looking to shake up his routine and improve himself. He wants to drink less, eat better, get running. When Joel receives an outrageous birthday gift – a ‘desert island survival experience’ – he views the trip as a personal challenge. Enlisting four close friends, he travels to a remote tropical paradise for three weeks of indulgence and self-discovery. But after their supplies disappear and they lose contact with the mainland, the rookie castaways start to suspect that the island is far from deserted.

Andrew Lowe: "Working with Bryony was a total joy. She was invested in my story from the start, months before we began the edit. She was patient when I had to put the deadline back, and, once we started work, she improved the manuscript both structurally and technically. Her communication is amazing – quick and friendly – and she always goes the extra mile in clarifying any queries (recommending books, scanning in examples, linking to helpful websites). As an author, working with Bryony has improved my book beyond measure, and as an editor, I’ve learned so much from her deep experience and scrupulous attention to detail. I would recommend her to authors of all levels."