Social Engineer
Ian Sutherland

When a pharmaceutical company hires Brody Taylor, elite hacker and social engineer, to fortify their digital-defences against a Chinese blackhat cyberattack, Brody stumbles across a secret the company strives to keep under wraps. In his private life, Brody has social engineered a beautiful French animal rights activist into becoming his new girlfriend. But as he unexpectedly falls head-over-heels with Mel, Brody realises he has trapped himself in a set of lies of his own making. Will Brody break his contract and expose the pharmaceutical company’s secret, especially when he knows it could save his relationship with Mel? Or will he remain professional and risk losing everything?

Ian Sutherland: "After the professional job Bryony did copyediting my first novel I was more than happy to request her expertise once again on my prequel novella. And, as before, Bryony didn’t disappoint. Fantastic work. I have no hesitation in recommending her and I will be using her for my sequels. And for the record, we are not related – the shared surname is just a coincidence!"