The Complete Guide to the Music of George Michael
Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland

One in a series of CD box-sized books designed to sit next to any fan’s collection. A track-by-track analysis of every song recorded on officially released albums by George Michael, from his early days with Wham! through to his solo career and collaborations. Since publication in 1998, this book is now used as a reference guide on Wikipedia for entries on popular George Michael songs.

“Nice book to have for any music lover: 
It is a very nice little book to have and to read through time to time. Although I do not agree with authors on all points, I still enjoy reading it because all remarks are made with such a good sense of humour that I can not stay mad for long. However, despite the overall light tone and humorous remarks, this book does list everything that was available at that time very seriously and accurately. I like it very much!” (Amazon 5* review)

The Complete Guide To The Music Of George Michael & Wham! excerpt