The Kill Code
J.L. Hays

When the Minister for Internal Affairs goes missing from a house under armed guard, the police are lost for an explanation. But the right honourable MP Sebastian O’Hoy is nowhere to be found. Worse, someone has daubed arcane symbols on his bedroom wall…in dripping blood. With no way in or out, no CCTV evidence of a break in and no body, alive nor dead, the police fear supernatural involvement. It’s time to call in specialist help. For Captain Kylah Porter of the DOF this is a chance to earn her spurs. But she knows she's up against systemic bigotry and cynicism in the shape of her Met counterpart, Sewell. Occult abduction? Or just another murky urban crime? MI5 want answers and soon.

J.L Hays: “Bryony has once again delivered a final edit of my novel that is the highest quality. She is professional, flexible, and communicates throughout the process. I've worked with her several times now, and every time has been exactly what I hoped for. I highly recommend her!”