Tom Jones: Close Up
Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland

Tom Jones - Et Naerbillede

  • Published:Omnibus Press, Hardback May 2000 | Paperback June 2001 | Hannibal, Hardback July 2000 (German edition) | Birmar, Paperback July 2000 (Danish edition) | Music Sales, eBook October 2010
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For this definitive biography the authors travelled across England, Wales and America. They interviewed seventy-five friends, family members and colleagues including Jimmy Tarbuck, Jennifer O’Neill, Darlene Love and members of The Blossoms, Paddy Maloney (The Chieftains), The Glitter Band, Trevor Horn, Anne Dudley, Tommy Scott (Space) and Robbie Williams.

Major serialisation in Australia and America, and foreign language editions in Danish and German.

“This in-depth biography of the Sixties superstar who’s survived across the decades to become a pop icon doesn’t just re-visit the obvious. It’s an immensely readable and engrossing look at Tom Jones’ professional and personal life – confirming en route that both aspects of his journey from a South Wales village to international glory have been filled with dynamic activity. In a thoroughly-researched study of a showbiz veteran...the authors’ recent interviews with scores of associates from over the years mingle with contemporary material gleaned from various sources, the latter putting matters in the context of the times. It amounts to a fascinating analysis of a pop phenomenon.” Russell Newmark, The Beat Goes On

“One of the greatest British voices of the last 40 years, Tom is a 60’s icon whose career has seen some astonishing downturns and comebacks. This honest, painstakingly-researched life, which celebrates his 60th birthday this summer, pulls no punches but tells it all from his humble Welsh origins to Las Vegas stardom, from the extra-marital liaisons and management problems to his rediscovery as an idol by the likes of Robbie Williams. What a career – and what a survivor.” South Hams Newspapers

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