Tom Jones – Close Up: Interview with the authors

Tom Jones: Close Up | Biographies | Written by Bryony

Western Mail, Wales May 1st, 2000
Toby Mason

A new biography purportedly lifts the lid on Tom Jones' off-stage activities during the 1960s and 70s. Tom Jones - Close Up is an examination of the singer's life, which the authors say is the definitive account of his music - and his womanising…

The two young women authors have devoted more than two years to studying the singer's life in minute detail, and say that the book, despite containing some revelations about the singer which will shock many, will also debunk some myths about him. Lucy Ellis and Bryony Sutherland say they have spoken to hundreds of people who have known the singer over the past six decades. Their research uncovered the one hitherto-unknown four-year affair. But, they say, other stories proved to be groundless. Lucy said, "During the writing of the book, we managed to discover at least three 'affairs' which turned out to be nothing more than wonderful rumours, but we did unearth one four-year affair that has not been written or talked about."

But the book is not an attempt to dish the dirt on Tom Jones, rather an attempt to provide a complete chronology of his extraordinary 60-year-life and 40-year career. But have the pair managed to uncover the real Tom? Bryony says, "I think Tom comes across from the book and from all the people we have spoken to as a lovely man. He is world-famous, but he would rather have a pint in his local pub than drink champagne with the stars. He has remained true to his Welsh roots despite selling out Las Vegas and concerts all over the world.

Tom Jones: Close Up | Biographies | Written by Bryony